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Which of these things doesn't belong? Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Definition of ice floe.

Examples of ice floe in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web They often are found at the outer margins of shifting ice floes. First Known Use of ice floe , in the meaning defined above.

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Learn More about ice floe. However, this map used a technique called synthetic aperture radar interferometry, which tracks the slightest movement by measuring radar signals that reflect off the ice itself, according to a statement by JPL.

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The map can also help scientists locate the best sites for ice- core drilling , the process of taking measurements and retrieving samples from underneath the surface of the ice to conduct further studies, Rignot added. The results of this study were published July 29 in Geophysical Research Letters.

Go to top or jump to Glacier thermal regime. References Davies, B. Dynamic Devensian ice flow in NE England: a sedimentological reconstruction. Boreas , Davies, B. Quaternary Science Reviews , Jiskoot, H. Singh, P. Singh, and U. Haritashya, Editors. Pingback: How Does a Glacier Move?

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Glacier mass balance Glacier flow Internal deformation Basal sliding Subglacial deformation Different types of glacier flow References Comments Glacier mass balance Components of mass balance of a glacier. Boulder pavement at Whitburn Bay, County Durham. The boulders represent an erosional surface between two glacial tills. Carboniferous limestone boulder in till at Whitburn Bay. The boulder is shaped by glacial erosion and scratched by contact with other rocks and ice.

Channel of sand and gravel deposited at the ice-bed interface. Two tills rest on top of Magnesian Limestone bedrock at Whitburn Bay, overlain by deformed glaciofluvial sands sands deposited by a proglacial river. Note the large, faceted boulders at the boundary between the two tills. Folded and deformed sands overlying glacial till at Whitburn Bay, County Durham.

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This sand was deposited in front of the glacier proglacial , but then overridden by the ice. Complexly interbedded, folded and deformed sands in Middle Pleistocene sediments at Warren House Gill. Deformed and faulted chalk clasts in Middle Pleistocene glacial tills in North Norfolk, indicating brittle deformation.