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Neither of these things appears to bother Mr Netanyahu, who refuses to recognise the Palestinian right to national self-determination and statehood.

The Truth About Mugabe's Violent Land Grabs

Missiles can vault the valley, puncturing the security argument that it could provide a buffer against an Arab invasion or guerrilla infiltration from the east. Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan in the war.

Land grabs: Explaining the issue is no simple matter

Just how warped Israeli politics has become is evidenced by the fact that the main opposition coalition — Blue and White — were incensed not by the idea of annexing the Jordan valley but that Mr Netanyahu had not credited them with thinking of it first. The Jordan valley may not be the strategic asset it once was. But it has an undisguised potency in Israeli politics, as a Palestinian state was always thought to border Jordan.

It matters not whether Mr Netanyahu wins or loses the election, since it is hard to see a Knesset that would block the land grab. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

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Your feedback will be reviewed. Farmers' groups said this would amount to a land grab for the private sector and would make India vulnerable to food shortages.

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Internet companies are rushing to enter new markets as part of a frantic land grab. What is the pronunciation of land grab?

Gobal land rush in countries with weak governance

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Myanmar Land Grab Fears Stoked by New Law | Voice of America - English

More than this, significantly and alarmingly, the firm has been building a transportation corridor through and out of the region. Taking advantage of crises for private wealth accumulation and hegemonic state system concretization is of course nothing new in the annals of capitalism, and today is exemplified perhaps by large-scale investments in the former Sudan. The rush to invest began in the immediate aftermath of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA in that ended the brutal civil war, and then the former Sudan became a primary destination of land grabbers in the wake of the crisis.

A historical look at the emergence of Citadel Capital as a land grabber suggests that South-South land grabbing has emerged out of processes long in the works that have consolidated the formal economies of originating grabbing countries.

In Egypt Citadel Capital is one financial firm among an emergent class of finance capitalists that took an active role in the last wave of consolidation of the agri-food and other formal economic sectors in Egypt since the big push toward privatization and liberalization in the early s. Further, the paths of investment are not necessarily new, and rather, may have been shaped by existing relations and histories of colonial rule and state making. The path of expanded reproduction of Egyptian capital — first horizontal from the Delta into the desert and then southward vertically into Upper Egypt and southern neighbouring countries — is a process of frontier making that was forged in the 19th and early 20th centuries through British rule in Egypt and joint Egyptian-British rule in Sudan.

Citadel Capital has its hands in nearly all formal economic sectors in Egypt.