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Labels: bewitching book tours , Book tours , hops and giveaways. Last Night by Kim Deister. Last Night. Genre: Thriller, Suspense.

Audiobook GENRES Spy fiction Thriller Espionage #2 by Mark

What do you do when you keep losing time? Night fell quickly, swallowing the last light of day in the blink of an eye. With too many unanswered questions, she needs answers. Her life is in the shadows, unafraid of the dark Add to Goodreads. Kim Deister was born and raised in a tiny town in the wilds of northern New York that is less than six hours from the Arctic Circle, a pretty college town called Potsdam.

She grew up in a family of lawyers and teachers and bucked all the traditions to run off and wear combat boots in the US Army as a Signals Intelligence Analyst no jokes! She also worked as a tech writer for Corning Glass Works, which was an entirely different kind of writing. Living the Army life has allowed Kim to travel all over and much of that has seeped into her books. She has a love of strong female characters, tropical places, and flipping traditional themes on end.

She loves that words can take one out of the existing world and let the unimaginable become imaginable. Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway! The Game Plan. The Game Plan Series Book 1.

Genre: Contemporary Romance. A story of love, hope, healing and discipline under the power of an age-play relationship. After being abandoned by her father, twenty-year old Cassandra Johnson fought against being loved by anyone. Even after her mother married ex-Dolphins Quarterback Big Bill Johnson, she resisted every attempt to become part of her new family. Her resistance includes any interaction with the older Johnson boys who seem to enjoy nothing more than bossing her around.

After the sudden passing of her mother, Cassie grows tired of living under the thumb of her dominating family and decides to press for independence. She starts by asserting her obstinate and willful disposition and defying all rules laid out for her. When Bill goes to Japan for three months on business, he leaves Rob, the oldest of his sons, in charge. After the deliberate breaking of several house rules and multiple temper tantrums, Rob decides that a change to the "Game Plan" is necessary to bring Cassie under control to prevent her from hurting herself.

The first thing on his list is taking the brat for a well-deserved trip over his knee for a bare bottom spanking! Over the years, Rob had watched Cassie grow from an awkward little girl to a beautiful young woman. He struggles with his feelings when his interest in Cassie goes far beyond just curbing her naughty behavior. Her dream of having a life free from control is soon shattered when Bryon, the second oldest of the Johnson boys, adds some firm-handed discipline of his own.

The stubborn young woman soon finds herself facing more than just an old-fashioned, over the knee, bare-bottom spanking. She quickly learns that the Age-play lifestyle can lead to the healing of a long-broken and hardened heart. Time Out. The Game Plan Series Book 2.

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The sequel to the original contemporary Age-Play book, the Game Plan, is here and bring you more fun and antics of the Johnson family as they grow together in Age-play and BDSM relationships. Suzanne and Glenn are back, and Suzanne explores her own femininity and puts pride aside to face her fears and needs as a Domme. Worlds collide as Cassie and Krissy fight over Daddy Bryon, Bryon and Glenn fight over Suzanne, and Rob seems to be the only voice of reason that is heard.

And that's just the beginning It values innocence, trust and nurturing of consenting adults. If you enjoy this genre, please check out many more of my AP stories, including a nonfiction piece The General's Little Angel which shares how I was introduced to the dynamic. There are more twists and turns, sizzling hot sex, and well-spanked bottoms than this quiet little suburb of Miami can handle! The End Zone. The Game Plan Series Book 3. Her Dom and her Daddy Dom give her everything her Little heart desires—love, attention, pleasure, guidance and even discipline.

They both belong to her, in and out of the bedroom, and her life finally feels stable, satisfying and secure. But then her happiness takes a turn when Daddy Bryon announces the probability that he will make his relationship with his girlfriend, Krissy, a permanent one.

Throwing salt on her wounds, Cassie learns that both her Doms are interest in sharing her wonderful world with Krissy! The Little Green Monster is let loose as the young woman faces the pain of being pushed aside and replaced. Nothing, or no one, will change her mind. The powerful Dom and his beautiful wife, Meredith, take her under their wing to teach her how to release her fears and open herself to play, passion, and freedom. Self-doubt disappears in the presence of her new aunt and uncle.

Cassie discovers the love of a BDSM family, all of which are equally happy to put her across the knee for a humiliating, bare bottom spanking as they are to spoil her with stuffies and ice-cream sundaes. The more she releases her Little to them, the greater the joy and freedom she receives.

She has only one concern, and that is if the magic spell of Graye Manor will disappear after they return home. There she must face the likelihood that both her Little space and her men will be shared with the other Little girl.

Dead Man’s Float

Is her Little ready for such a Big step? Until then, the men of his village, called Koreh, continued to work in the surrounding forests, chop- ping down the sandalwood trees vital to shipbuilders in the busy sea lanes of the Dutch East Indies. On the evening of April 5, , at about the time his servants would have been clearing the dinner dishes, the raja heard an enormous thunderclap. Perhaps his first panicked thought was that the beach lookout had fallen asleep and allowed a pirate ship to creep in to shore and fire its cannon.

But everyone was instead staring up at Mount Tambora. A jet of flame burst skyward from the summit, lighting up the darkness and rocking the earth beneath their feet. The noise was incredible, painful. Huge plumes of flame issued from the mountain for three hours, until the dark mist of ash became confused with the natural darkness, seeming to announce the end of the world. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the column of fire collapsed, the earth stopped shaking, and the bone-jarring roars faded.

Over the next few days, Tambora continued to bellow occasionally, while ash drifted down from the sky. Meanwhile to the southeast in the capital Bima, colonial administrators were sufficiently alarmed by the events of April 5 to send an official, named Israel, to investigate the emergency situation at the volcano, on the Sanggar Peninsula.

There, in the dense tropical forest, at about 7 p. This time three distinct columns of fire burst in a cacophonous roar from the summit to the west, blanketing the stars and uniting in a ball of swirling flame at a height greater than the eruption of five days before.

The mountain itself began to glow as streams of boiling liquefied rock coursed down its slopes.

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On the northern and western slopes of the volcano, whole villages, totaling perhaps 10, people, had already been consumed within a vortical hell of flames, ash, boiling magma, and hurricane-strength winds. In , an archaeological team from the University of Rhode Island uncovered the first remains of a village buried by the eruption: a single house under three meters of volcanic pumice and ash.

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Inside the walled remains, they found two carbonized bodies, perhaps a married couple. The woman, her bones turned to charcoal by the heat, lay on her back, arms extended, holding a long knife. Her sarong, also carbonized, still hung across her shoulder. The Tambora climate emergency offers us a rare, clear window onto a world convulsed by weather extremes. As these burning magmatic rivers poured into the cool sea, secondary explosions redoubled the aerial ash cloud created by the original plinian jet. An enormous curtain of steam and ash clouds rose and encircled the peninsula, creating, for those trapped inside it, a short-term microclimate of pure horror.

As it gained in strength, the volcanic hurricane uprooted large trees and launched them like burning javelins into the sea. Horses, cattle, and people alike flew upward in the fiery wind. What survivors remained then faced another deadly element: giant waves from the sea.

The crew of a British ship cruising offshore in the Flores strait, coated with ash and bombarded by volcanic rocks, watched stupefied as a foot-high tsunami washed away the rice fields and huts along the Sanggar coast. On the sunless days following the cataclysm, corpses lay unburied all along the roads on the inhabited eastern side of the island between Dompu and Bima.

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Villages stood deserted, their surviving inhabitants having scattered in search of food. The fiery flood that consumed the Sanggar Peninsula, traveling up to 19 miles at great speeds, ultimately extended over a square-mile area, one of the greatest pyroclastic events in the historical record. Within a few short hours, it buried human civilization in northeast Sumbawa under a smoking meter-high layer of ignimbrite.

All across the region, government ships put to sea in search of imaginary pirates and invading navies. In the seas to the north off Macassar, the captain of the East India Company vessel Benares gave a vivid account of conditions in the region on April The ashes now began to fall in showers, and the appearance altogether was truly awful and alarming. By noon, the light that had remained in the eastern part of the horizon disappeared, and complete darkness had covered the face of day The darkness was so profound throughout the remainder of the day, that I never saw anything equal to it in the darkest night; it was impossible to see your hand when held up close to the eye.

The entire Southeast Asian region was blanketed in volcanic debris for a week. Day after dark day, British officials conducted business by candlelight, as the death toll mounted. Months after the eruption, the atmosphere remained heavy with dust—the sun a blur. Drinking water contaminated by fluorine-rich ash spread disease and with 95 percent of the rice crop in the field at the time of the eruption, the threat of starvation was immediate and universal.

In their desperation for food, islanders were reduced to eating dry leaves and their much-valued horseflesh.


By the time the acute starvation crisis was over, Sumbawa had lost half its population to famine and disease, while most of the rest had fled to other islands. A major tropical volcano had blown up six years prior, in This cooling event, hugely amplified by the sublime Tambora eruption in , ensured extreme volcanic weather across the entire decade. A flurry of research since the discovery of the eruption has resulted in the identification of the —19 decade as a whole as the coldest in the historical record—a gloomy distinction.

The spectacular eruption increased that cooling to a truly dire extent, contributing to an overall decline of global average temperatures of 1.

Book One of The Tears of Artamon

One-and-a-half degrees might seem a small number, but as a sustained decline characterized by a sharp rise in extreme weather events—floods, droughts, storms, and summer frosts—the chilled global climate system of the s had devastating impacts on human agriculture, food supply, and disease ecologies. The Scottish meteorologist George Mackenzie kept meticulous records of cloudy skies between and over various parts of the British Isles.

Where lovely clear summer days in the earlier period —10 averaged over 20, in the volcanic decade —20 that figure dropped to barely five. For , the Year Without a Summer, Mackenzie recorded no clear days at all.