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This was HUGE! I was so nervous! First of all, I can't remember the last time I'd seen or spoken to my uncle. Although my family still lives in Detroit, I didn't make a point of visiting my uncle much because, to be very honest, he lives in a part of Detroit where there is a lot of drug activity and crime and I don't feel safe going there let alone bringing my baby with me! I sat on my "assignment" for a few days. On the evening of the third day, I decided to call and find out a good time to visit. When I called, My Grandma answered the phone he lives with her.

I asked to speak to my uncle and she told me that he had been rushed to the hospital on Sunday evening because he was having trouble breathing, vomiting and was receiving "shocks" from the pacemaker the doctors had recently inserted. I almost collapsed thinking that my uncle might die before I got a chance to do what God had sent me to do! I prayed that God would let Him live until I could make sure that his soul was saved. I made immediate plans to go to Detroit. He made His presence known through the Holy Spirit while I was praying and filled me to overflowing during intercessory prayer for my uncle.

The next morning I headed to Detroit with Chloe. We arrived at my grandma's house. My uncle had been released from the hospital and was home. I began to explain to him that God had sent me to pray for him and with him, but first I had to share Chloe's healing miracle. After I shared Chloe's story and how Jesus had healed her keep in mind, this is before we actually received the promised good report , I told him that God said that all the blessings that He's poured out on Chloe are available to him if he would accept Jesus into his heart.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

I asked him if he was willing to do that and he said "Yes, I'm ready! My grandma held my other hand and we all prayed the prayer of salvation together! It was so glorious. Chloe seemed to know something incredible had just happened. She could not take her eyes off my uncle.

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My uncle was immediately filled with compassion like I'd never seen in him before. He was so concerned about Chloe--asking if she'd be able to walk and run and play. I told him that she would be able to do all the things every other littler girl her age can do, but that it would be in God's time, not our time. Being obedient to what God put on my heart brought the miracle blessing of salvation for my uncle.

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Being obedient to what God had told me and stepping out in faith on His promises and His Word brought the miracle blessing of Chloe's healing! All glory be to God!!

Miracles of Healing

Sidenote: Two months after this salvation trip, my uncle died and went to Heaven. God knows the end from the beginning. He wanted to ensure that my uncle had a home in Heaven and a glorious eternal life. Praise God for His mercy. Following is the letter I sent to family and friends at the start of this journey. I also found myself passing this letter and the accompanying healing scriptures out to total strangers! The Holy Spirit had put it on my heart to expose as many people as possible to Chloe's healing miracle.

May 19, Dear Family and Friends, We met with the neurologist on Wednesday, May 17 to get the results of Chloe's blood work, which had been sent out to the Mayo Clinic.

They were trying to rule out a fatal genetic disease. The blood work came back positive for the disease SMA However, we are not accepting that report. We believe in the report of God--the Ultimate Physician--Who says that "by the stripes of Jesus, she is healed. When the words came from the doctor's mouth, they had no effect on us emotionally.

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Our faith is strong. Jesus has, and still does, heal and perform miracles and we fully believe with all our hearts that we are about to bear witness to a miracle in our daughter. God has been showing us small signs that He hears our prayers and is answering them. Chloe does something new each week that she was unable to do the week before.

God is good. For those of you who know how innocently this whole ordeal started, this has been the most grueling four weeks of our lives. I took Chloe to the doctor mid-April just after she turned 5 months old to check out a lingering cough.

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While I was there, I just so happened to mention that Chloe seemed a little behind on her physical development milestones. After a heart-wrenching evaluation, where her pediatrician could find no reflexes in her legs, I was sent to Sparrow lab for x-rays and blood work to rule out Muscular Dystrophy. The blood work came back negative, but the fact remained that Chloe was still behind in all of her major physical development milestones rolling over, mini-push-ups, holding her head steady while upright, etc.

On top of that, she was and still is very hypotonic low muscle tone which makes her feel "floppy"--almost like a rag doll-- when you hold her. This has only become more pronounced since she's gotten older and harder to maneuver. We didn't notice much in her first few months. Hypotonia can be benign with no known cause or just a symptom of a host of scary diseases. Therefore, we were referred to a neurologist for further testing. Now that you know the history of how this all came about, you may be wondering how you can be of help to us at this time.

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The only thing we are asking is for your prayers in faith for continued healing of our precious girl and prayers for our family for continued strength through Jesus. Just as we condemn this disease in the name of Jesus, we are not welcoming words like "I'm sorry," because there is truly nothing to be sorry for. Divine healing is in progress. Be thankful that you are about to bear witness to a miracle of God!

Imagine how great it would feel if you had hope again.

I have attached some healing scriptures that I ask you to pray daily for Chloe. I have also included a couple of recent photos of her so that you can have them nearby while you pray to remind you of the precious child for whom you're lifting those prayers up to Jesus. I'll keep you posted on her continued healing.

Please just keep supporting us in prayer. Drop us a note in the mail or an e-mail nkkrealfit hotmail. Thank you. Love, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe. These are the healing scriptures I prayed and continue to pray over Chloe several times daily. I passed them out to anyone and everyone willing to pray for my precious baby girl.

As you'll notice, even though we were lifting these prayers up on behalf of Chloe, these promises, God's Word, apply to all of his children!

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