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Create a unique selling proposition USP to differentiate yourself from competitors and potentially win over some of their customers.

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  • The Internet can be your greatest marketing tool if you stop acting like a fool.
  • Big-Business Tactics For Small-Business Problems.
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If you have the resources, consider philanthropic support of a local cause to engender community goodwill. Implement social media marketing techniques that cost far less than mainstream advertising. Tags business tips financial planning marketing strategy.

7 Survival tactics for running a small business

Drive-to-store marketing: What is it and is it worthwhile? By Renae Smith. Key concerns in marketing not-for-profit organisations By Ailsa Page. You've successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Something went wrong. Some find that doing a SWOT analysis — an inventory of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats — can provide a fresh view of the company.

If the professional and personal strengths and abilities of key leadership members are included in the analysis, a business owner can be reminded of the characteristics needed in those positions and make changes if they are out of alignment.

The 31 Biggest Business Challenges Growing Companies Face

Return to roots: As a business grows, its owner often loses direct involvement in tasks he once enjoyed as that work gets delegated to others and he assumes strategic leadership activities. One prerogative of being the boss, though, is taking a desirable assignment once in a while or working alongside staff to enjoy camaraderie. Finance New Mexico article Stay abreast of developments and surround yourself with experts and experienced people to ensure you are ahead of the pack.

Not just in wholesale prices, but time, staff, marketing etc. A better approach is to look at markets where you can offer more value than just a good price.

50 Reasons Why Some Businesses Fail While Others Succeed

It might be amazing service, a loyalty program, etc. Then you can look at increasing prices and ROI selling to the right long-term customers , rather than lots of less profitable clients. Customer and Quality focus Following on from the point above.

Listen to your audience and deeply understand their needs. Successful businesses especially SMEs - need loyal customers who don't just add to your bottom line. They're ambassadors and influencers for your brand.

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Build the right team Ultimately, it's the people that keep any business afloat and cruising. So don't just employ anyone.

Find experts, people who are better than you at their jobs, to be part of your team. But also ensure you like each other. Have a clear understanding of what each employee costs your business and what they need to be achieving to help you increase sales, profits and ROI. Then believe in them and reward them.

Evolve and diversify In the early days, your capital and efforts should be focussed on your initial business plan and goal you have one of those, right? It might be a new product or service that, or simply adding e-commerce or online options to you mix.

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Or if you're exclusively online, opening a physical location. Author: Snap Marketing. Related Articles.