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Spooky, huh? Sara asked her partner about the shop later, as she had lived in the seaside town since she was born, and often entertained their guests with local urban myths and gossip that had been handed down through the centuries. Sara walked through from the kitchen, with the hot pan and spoon from the stove still in her hands. What was it like?

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Can you remember? I guess. I remember it was a very sunny day, and I went in with my mother. The carpet was red, definitely. Seemed like acres of the stuff.

I read bad books so you don't have to.

I remember my mum telling me how she had been in there as a child, too. Sara looked online that night to see if she could find out anything more about the place. There was a website for the shop, but like the place itself it was nothing more than a blank front page, just pictures of the same dresses as in the shop window with the name and address of the premises.

She positioned herself on one of the stools at the window, so she had a clear view of the shop front, and set up her laptop.

Someone to Cuttle (m/m/m/m)

Throughout the morning she watched the bustle of the busy road as shoppers went about their business and delivery vans came and went, but there was no sign of movement from the shop itself. Sara started to search online forums to find out if anyone else had talked about it, and to her surprise there were no other mentions of the shop other than its own website. Sara talked with the other barista too, and they exchanged gossip about the shop, from it being the front for a mafia money-laundering operation, to all the mannequins actually being murdered children.

All the theories seemed highly unlikely, and all would still require someone to actually be present on the premises at some point. None explained why the dresses on the mannequins in the windows were still being changed. That night Sara lay awake in bed, turning different scenarios over and over in her head. Leila had long since dropped off to sleep and was snoring softly next to her. She had been chastised by her earlier in the evening for getting obsessed again. At least this was a slightly healthier obsession than making the perfect pie, although she felt she had got pretty close with that one with her creamy chicken and ham creation.

Resigning herself to another night of obsessive behaviour, she threw some clothes on and left the house. Standing outside the imposing Victorian building Sara found herself wondering what it was she hoped to accomplish by being there. There were no lights, no sign of movement, no way in to the shop that had been apparent during the day either.

No, she was pretty sure she would be spending the night staring at an empty building in the blistering cold and howling wind. She leaned her bike against the low wall opposite the shop, and sat down beside it.

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The black awnings looked like a gaping mouth below three monstrous sash window eyes on the floor above them. She stood on the low wall so she could get a better look, and as she did so a gust of wind blew, knocking her backwards. As she fell into the flowerbed behind she could have sworn she saw a flickering light coming from one of the upper rooms. She brushed herself down and tried to stand on her tiptoes on the wall to catch sight of the light again.

There was nothing. Maybe it had just been her eyes playing tricks on her as she fell.

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She then realised she must have fallen on her arm, as a shooting pain was radiating from her wrist. It looked like she might have broken it, and it certainly felt that way. The rear door of the shop was ajar. The shop was open. Sara stood, frozen, for a moment, and was unsure what to do next. It was pitch black at first, but soon her eyes began to adjust as she picked out the slivers of streetlamp light coming through the holes in the black screen around the windows.

Looking to her right Sara saw the stairs, so balanced her bike against the counter, which was just as Leila had described it, and went upstairs. A light shone from under a door in front of her, and she opened it. Inside was bathed in warm candlelight and the glow of a fire. A woman in her early 40s stood by a large wing backed armchair near the window, which Sara noticed was completed covered with cardboard.

Without thinking Sara thrust her wrist forward, as there was something particularly commanding about the way the woman spoke.

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She was the daughter of the original owner, and had grown up in the shop and large flat above it while Queen Victoria was on the throne. Her mother was meticulous in her attention to detail in everything she did, from the seams on the dresses to the buttons being arranged in size order in the glass display cabinets. Everything was organised with military precision and cleaned to a glistening shine. No-one ever came looking for her, so she carried on living in the shop, helping her mother sew and clean. Her mother continued her dress making, continued in her fastidiousness and Hannah grew up as part of the shop.

Before she knew it weeks had passed since she had left the building, then months. She retreated to the flat above the shop, cleaning and pressing an endless line of dresses for her mother, then placing them lovingly on the mannequins in the window late at night. One day Hannah woke to find her mother very, very ill. She realised it had been years since she had left the building, and was unsure even what year it was. She took her dying mothers hand as she watched her chest rise and fall slowly. I am leaving you with a great gift and a great burden.

You are part of the shop now I fear. Hannah took a while to reflect on what her mother had said, and soon came to realise she meant it literally. She had spent so long within the walls of the shop she was part of it now, somehow frozen in time like one of the mannequins. So the timing of this extended trailer was just perfect for me. You had better not let me down, Guillermo.

The joy of the internet is the endless possibilities it offers. It enables us to have access to different cultures, different points of view, and some alternative literary styles. No longer is writing limited to works deemed commercial enough to publish. Anyone can write a Kindle ebook and upload it to Amazon. The result has been some amazing self-published work, from works which crossed into the mainstream such as 50 Shades of Grey, to some more weird and wonderful offerings.

The stories see humans meeting with shape-shifting animals in various guises and, yes, having erotic adventures with them. The animals most commonly featured are wolves, bears or big cats, but then there are a few which are distinctly further off the beaten track. But after reading this, well I might have a new fetish. For anyone who loves to indulge themselves, and to treat themselves to tons of tasty sugary goodness — this book is for you.

Out on a Limb by Luna Loupe. Loupe is a prolific writer of shifter-erotica and some of her titles are the most entertaining on the internet. Firemen saving cats from trees just got sexy. Sadly no-one on Amazon has reviewed this as yet. T-Rex Troubles by Christine Sims. What could possibly be more erotic than living animals? That is correct.

The answer is dinosaurs. Sexy, sexy dinosaurs.

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This is not strictly shifter-erotica, but it was too good to leave off my list. I read it for a laugh, and I got that… and horror. The least sexy erotica ever, my vagina might have shriveled up, but I laughed all night. If dinosaur porn is your bag, you can see more on Cracked here. Catgirl and the Orc Women — Luna Loupe. I could feel the tips of her claws through my shift. She leaned forward.

Someone to Cuttle — Luna Loupe. This time she leads us to a world where boy meets cuttlefish. What the hell, why not, he thought. It was a vacation, after all.

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Who knew a story about dying from masturbating and then fucking the Grim Reaper so good you get to live again would end up being a disappointing, problematic mess? Grab a cup of coffee and get disappointed because there will be no dooting this episode. Trombones are plot important. Then a threesome happens. Blast off together with brand new librarian Diane as she and Gavin try to wrap their hands around a free alien abduction erotica that has very little abduction and lots of confusing word choices.

Jarred joins the ranks of the RLL with a decidedly tropical first outing. Grab your snorkle gear and most flattering swim suit as we head down to the beaches of Austrailia maybe? Also, check back in Halloween day for a special bonus episode! Older posts. Newer posts.