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Such forces all but guarantee that the shadow of Oroqen language and culture grows bigger each year. While the loss of the Oroqen language has massive implications for the Oroqen themselves, it also represents an intellectual loss to the field of linguistics, since the language contains many unusual, if not unique, features.

For example, Oroqen possesses an impressive inventory of suffixes that permit its speakers to derive one word from another like the English derivational suffix -ish, which creates "fiendish" from "fiend". Consider the following instances of suffixes being added to the numeral three ilan to create a variety of new words: ila Other atypical aspects of Oroqen that will be lost before they have been adequately studied include:.

From a global perspective, of course, the decline of the Oroqen language can be seen as just one more example among thousands of cases in which a small speech community is shifting away from the language of its heritage. We must be careful, however, not to let the ubiquity of these shifts blind us to the fact that each case was brought about by a specific set of historical and social factors. In the case of Oroqen, these are well worth exploring, since they have brought the shift about so quickly.

In the course of just one generation, the Oroqen community has gone from a state in which everyone was speaking Oroqen and almost no one speaking Chinese, to just the opposite. In , Chairman Mao launched the Great Leap Forward, an attempt at economic revitalization in China which, among other things, involved the rapid expansion of infrastructure and increased exploitation of natural resources. As the railways pushed northward, the Oroqen were brought into sustained contact with industrial China for the first time.

Observing the primitive lifestyle of these nomads, Mao's regime conceived of a better way of life for the Oroqen, one which would literally take them out of the woods and give them access to a series of promised material and social benefits -- economic opportunity, free health care, and education.

In the name of modernization, the Oroqen were compelled to denounce their traditional hunter-gathering activities in favor of communal living with other minorities and the Han majority. Diseases brought north by the massive migration of Han people reduced the already small Oroqen population.

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Their hunting grounds were turned over to a swelling forestry industry and to collective farming. They quickly became persecuted and socially marginalized. During the Cultural Revolution, consistent with events occurring around China, many of the prominent Oroqens -- shamans, clan leaders, teachers, and low-level government officials -- were persecuted and tortured. Many Oroqen were considered members of the Inner Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, hence, enemies of the people.

They were harassed, arrested, and imprisoned. They underwent incessant interrogation. Whenever a public rally was held, they were paraded around wearing placards announcing their counter-revolutionary status.

Why ‘The Hunting Ground’ could cast a shadow over Jameis Winston

The physical abuse and psychological torture were overbearing; some committed suicide. After the end of the Cultural Revolution and Deng Xiaoping's ascension to power, the government's policies toward minorities were recognized as having created, not an improved way of life, but alienation, poverty, and suffering. Interest in providing better living accommodations, education, and opportunities for minorities was renewed. When you get to the end, you'll find the crypt on the left. You'll get the vestige Condor Cowl of Urqu for your efforts. This gear increases the duration of focus herb effects.

This crypt might be the hardest to find in the game. Unless you're eagle-eyed, there's a substantial chance you'll overlook this one. From the campfire at the Temple of Kukulkan basecamp , walk straight toward the bridge. Instead of crossing it , walk to the right , toward the edge of the cliff. Once at the edge, climb down over the side and rappel down further. Swing jump across to the rocks on your left.

Clockwork City DLC Part 7: Where Shadows Lie - The Elder Scrolls Online - Red Guard Warden

Once there, crawl through the opening and follow the path. Right after you crawl through the next space , you'll slide down into the chamber below. As you pass through, make sure to grab the collectible on your right -- across from the mural. Next, go through the room and jump on the counterweight in front you the one in the room with all the bodies and the deep pit.

Ride the counterweight down to the room below. Just ahead on your left you'll find the sarcophagus. Inside will be the vestige: Yaway's Wooden Greaves. This gear provides extra protection against fire and knockdowns. Be sure to keep an eye out for collectibles as you make your way out of the crypt.

To see how to get all the way through -- and what traps and minor puzzles await, check out the video above. This may not be the actual sixth crypt in the game, as you can find other crypts earlier on in the Hidden City. However, we've put it in this slot because you will come across it as you progress the story, putting it the fifth in line if you're plugging through the narrative.

Once you infiltrate the cult and finish the cut scene with the game's main antagonist in the upper city temple , you'll find yourself on the cliffs overlooking a raging river.

J.E. Cammon (Author of Bay City)

Once you make it to the other side, though, don't go right toward your objective. Instead, go left and climb up the cliffs until you reach the end of the path. There, you'll find the entrance to the next crypt. Go in and rappel down to the bottom of the cavern.

Use your bow and rope arrows to pull down the wood barrier in front of you. Keep going and climb to the top of the cliffs along the path. When you get to the top, rappel and swing-jump across to the precipice with the gate. Make sure to be careful because you can fall off the edge since it's so shallow. Go through the gate and to the end of the path to find the sarcophagus. Ch'amaka's War Vest will be your gear reward.

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This provides increased protection from melee attacks. This one can be somewhat of a pain to get to if you're not paying attention to the lay of the land. Go to the Abandoned Village base camp. From the campfire , follow the path as it curves slightly to the right then straight ahead. When you reach the stone archway ahead, look for a ladder hanging from the building to the right. Jump to the tree in front of you , then jump to the elevated stone wall in front of that just to the right of another stone archway.

Go straight ahead and connect the two rope pillars to create a pathway across the water below. Climb up the cliffs and look for the crypt entrance at the top , tucked away in the rock to the right side. As you follow the path, make sure to cut the rope for the trap that's just past the crouching section, then when you get to the well, check either side for collectibles before jumping in.

Why ‘The Hunting Ground’ could cast a shadow over Jameis Winston

After jumping into the well , swim down and look for the opening along the edges. Go through this opening and swim all the way to the wooden barricade at the end. If you look to the left of the barricade, in the part of the cave that bulges out to the left, you'll find a collectible on a stone altar carved into the wall of the cave. Once you're ready, tear down the barricade and proceed. At the end, you'll come to a set of steps.

Ascend these and look for collectibles in the room you're in. When you're done, continue up the stairs and the sarcophagus will be at the top. You can only open this crypt by starting the side mission "Star Crossed" , which you get from Uchu in the Skull Cave. After you've completed the first part of the side mission, you'll be tasked with finding the Savior's Amulet. You can get to the area in which this crypt is located earlier, but the entrance will only open when you begin searching for the Savior's Amulet.

From the Fishing District campfire , look right along the bank of the lake. Climb the tree between you and the the closest hut. Climb all the way up the cliff face and grab all of the collectibles at the camp at the top. Look along the cliff face to your right to find the entrance to the crypt. Once inside, follow the path and crawl under the spear trap. She fills him with doubts; saying that love will drag him out of his path. During the conquest of Xerigordon Fortress, The Shadow Hunter is injured and has to run away to escape from the troops of Kilij Arslan. Loosing blood, he collapses before getting back to Constantinople.

He dreams about the lost scrolls hidden in the ruins of the Temple of Solomon and inside lost caves by the Dead Sea. From my heart Wearing black, a bow without arrows God, have mercy on his soul Eyes of dread, entrenched in horror My devotions are gone! Desperate cries Running in circles Mourining in vain Resigning to terror A sinful warfare Atrocious attack Atrocious attack My crusaders faith Drowns in religious blood But I'll fight till the end Gonna find my Holy Grail Running blind against the faith Reason slips away Churches falling like castles on the sand Ends the Holy War Have the good for bad.

What does a man gain from his work? Under the sun where he labors What is so good for a man in life? During his days he's just like a shadow Vanitas! Utters the oracle A chasing after the wind Meaningless! Meaningless searches for wisdom Everything is in vain like your hunting for shadows Lost my pride, fought in vain Had to find reasons to my pain - Oh! Running blind against the faith Running blind again Church is falling like castles on the sand Ends the Holy War Jesus was a man With a heart, with a mind With a body, with a soul So divine as your own God has no mind, has no heart Has no body, has no soul and no resemblance of you.

Like chasing the wind No Pain For The Dead [While he is burying his wife and children, the widower knows that he will have to carry that awful pain for life.

All the great moments, they had together, vanished at once and converted into sad memories only.